What's the Latchlock part for Bednorz or Kipp?

What's the Latchlock part for Bednorz or Kipp?

There are several Bednorz or Kipp latch part numbers to which Latchlock has an alternative part.

They are fully interchangeable, with the difference that they are yellow zinc plated which translates to our clear zinc plated latches.

Here's the cross reference list of Bednorz latches:


Latchlock part number Bednorz part number second bednorz part number (non polished = NR) or yellow chromate
MLLA36Z 2000-SA-NS-F 2000-SA-NS yellow chromate
MLLA42Z 2000-SA-NS-4,2-F 2000-SA-NS-4,2 yellow chromate
MLLAWZ 2000-SA-PS-F 2000-SA-PS yellow chromate
MLLA36S 2000-SA-NS-NRE 2000-SA-NS-NR non polished
MLLA42S 2000-SA-NS-NRE-4,2 2000-SA-NS-NR-4,2 non polished
MLLAWS 2000-SA-PS-NRE 2000-SA-PS-NR non polished
MLLACB36Z 2000-SB-NS-F 2000-SB-NS yellow chromate
MLLACB42Z 2000-SB-NS-4,2-F 2000-SB-NS-4,2 yellow chromate
MLLACB36S 2000-SB-NS-NRE 2000-SB-NS-NR non polished
MLLACB42S 2000-SB-NS-NRE-4,2 2000-SB-NS-NR-4,2 non polished
MLLAX36Z 2000-RA-NS-F 2000-RA-NS yellow chromate
MLLAX42Z 2000-RA-NS-4,2-F 2000-RA-NS-4,2 yellow chromate
MLLAX36S 2000-RA-NS-NRE 2000-RA-NS-NR non polished
MLLAX42S 2000-RA-NS-NRE-4,2 2000-RA-NS-NR-4,2 non polished
MLLAXWS 2000-RA-PS-NRE 2000-RA-PS-NR non polished
MLLACBX42Z 2000-RB-NS-4,2-F 2000-RB-NS-4,2 yellow chromate
MLLACBX36C 2000-RB-NS-F 2000-RB-NS yellow chromate
MLLACBX36S 2000-RB-NS-NRE 2000-RB-NS-NR yellow chromate
MLLACBX42S 2000-RB-NS-NRE-4,2 2000-RB-NS-NR-4,2 yellow chromate
MLLAYWZ 2000-VA-PS-F 2000-VA-PS yellow chromate
MLLAY42Z 2000-VA-NS-4,2-F 2000-VA-NS-4,2 yellow chromate
MLLAY42S 2000-VA-NS-NRE-4,2 2000-VA-NS-NR-4,2 non polished
MS36Z 2000-GH-NS-F 2000-GH-NS yellow chromate
MS42Z 2000-GH-NS-4,2-F 2000-GH-NS-4,2 yellow chromate
MSWZ 2000-GH-PS-F 2000-GH-PS yellow chromate
MS36S   2000-GH-NS-NR non polished
MS42S   2000-GH-NS-NR-4,2 non polished
MSWS   2000-GH-PS-NR non polished
MSCM42Z 2000-GH90-NS-4,2-F 2000-GH90-NS-4,2 yellow chromate
MSCM42S   2000-GH90-NS-NR-4,2 non polished
HLLALP63Z 2300-LG-GS-NS-F 2300-LG-GS-NS yellow chromate
HLLALPWZ 2300-LG-GS-PS-F 2300-LG-GS-PS yellow chromate


Latchlock part number Kipp part number
MLLA42Z K0046.1420721
MLLA42S K0046.1420722
MLLACB42Z K0047.1420601
MLLACB42S K0047.1420602
MLLAX42Z K046.2420721
MLLAX42S K046.2420722
MLLACBX42Z K0047.2420601
MLLACBX42S K0047.2420602
MLLAY42Z K0046.3420721
MLLAY42S K0046.3420722
MS42Z K0046.9142141
MS42S K0046.9142142
MSCM42Z K0046.9342381
MSCM42S K0046.9342382
HLLALP63Z K0049.1631161