1. Determine the strength of the connection
      • Light: Medicine/Optical
        Fully concealed -> no damage / no contamination
      • Medium: Central heating/cooling/machinery
      • Heavy: Heavy manchinery/industrial heating systems, cooling/gas installations/vehicles
    2. Determine the tensile strength, quantify how much Newton the connection needs to hold. Maximum Tensile strength = How much N? What will be the maximum force between the panels?
    3. What kind of steel
      • Zinc plated, chromed - 25% higher forces, nice view
      • Stainless - better corrosion resistance (303)
    4. What kind ot style?
      • Fixation:
        • Rivets (Øhole 3,5 or 4mm), welding (from 2000/3000 pieces)
        • Screws
      • Locking:
        • with locking: (secondary lock/hasp) used by VIBRATION
        • without
      • Grip part:
        • drawhook
        • clip (turnable i.e. bigger tolerances?)
      • Base:
        • concealed/open (depending on available space)

How to select a latch

  1. You are now ready to determine the quantity of pieces and to forward the correct part numbers
  2. Send your inquiry, with VAT number and full contact details.