What a toggle latch Latchlock is?

What a toggle latch is?
A toggle latch is a standard part for lasting and secure closure of flaps, covers and similar removable parts. It is nothing more than a mechanical piece of hardware which in locked position ensures secure fastening of two surfaces, panels or objects and when unlocked allows separation.

What a toggle latch is made up of?
The main components are the base plate with lever and attached loop and the catch plate as a separate part.

How a toggle latch works?
It operates as a calibrated system of levers and pivots, whose action has an over center lock point. So, once it reaches over center position, the latch is securely locked and cannot be moved or unlocked. To unlock it, just use the leverage provided by the handle.

Applications of toggle latches?
Ideal for lorries, machines-tools, vacuum cleaners, food industries, and endless other application fields that every day we discover with our customers!

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