What is Latch Lock – Quick Release Solution In Narrow Space?

The Latch Lock provides position function between panels or chassis.

With the internal spring design and adding bend and chamfer to the push-in place, the latch lock would slide into the perforation automatically.

Operators can not only save time but also utilize this concept in narrow spaces with flexibility.

In addition, this latch lock could be easily operated with one finger to lock and unlock, giving flexibility in limited spaces. (as below image)

After lifting the plastic part of latch lock 90 degrees, the locking positioning state can be released and the chassis can be moved freely.


According to the side view, we can see how the pin is inserted through the perforation, achieving the effect of positioning two chassis.

After lifting the plastic part, the latch lock would turn into unlock stage and now the chassis can be moved laterally easily. ( as below image)

Latch Lock Features

  • Positioning two panels or chassis horizontally
  • Easily recognize whether it’s in lock or unlock stage
  • Needed only one finger to operate in narrow spaces
  • Able to rivet onto chassis, improving the stability
  • Color customized available for plastic parts

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