What are the plating characteristics ASTM and material latchlock MLLAWZ?


I had a quick question about MLLAWZ.

For the job we are quoting, it requires the latch to be electrodeposited zinc plated per ASTM B633, type II, with supplementary chromate treatment, normal color, not bleached or clear, SC3, and I was wondering if the zinc plating on the latch met the spec.

I also wanted to see if the material used in MLLAWZ is the same as the material used in latch 51L1-1-2AC?


The part number you request was made in the past in the USA according to plating and material standards in the USA.

What is important we do think, that you look up the plating characteristics of the original latch.  You should get the amount of hours of salt spray testing.

That should give you a point of reference between our zinc plating and your ASTM standard.

If that does not satisfy your needs, I would then go for the stainless steel version.  Take care though, the strength of the stainless steel version is less.

Old         https://www.latchlock.eu/51l1-1-2ac

New      https://www.latchlock.eu/MLLAWZ


Our zinc plating resists against salt spray according to following:

  • After 120 hours salt spray – white rust starts
  • After 240 hours salt spray – red rust starts (parent material is getting damaged)


Please note:

The current latch you selected is for welding.

If you can switch to a rivet mount, or weld around the latch (and accept there will be holes inside the base plate of the latch)

Then I would suggest to buy the Chrome plated version (take care: interior parts are still zinc plated)

Part number would be then:


this version is though quite expensive, but might be more close to the treatment you want.

(Chrome plated parts resist even better against corrosion)

Don’t forget also to specify your matching strike part number!