LatchLock Miniature Duty Series

LLLT Series (Miniature Latches)

This Series is a miniature latch. The small design of this latch makes it ideal for securing light weight elements. The latch in this series is also available with a secondary lock

Strikes LST26S LST26Z        


LLLC Series (Mini Latches)

This Series is the Light Duty version, with a concealing drawhook latch. It Conceal all interior elements as well as the strike.

Latches LLLC33S LLLC33C        
Strikes LSC33S          

Miniature Latches LLLT Series

Installation Dimensions  LLLT Series Max tensile strength 550 NWorking load 310 N

Mini Latches LLLC Series

Installation Dimensions LLLC Series Max. tensile strength 220 N Handle conceals all interior parts and strike Self-compensating spring steel drawhook LOW Profile