What's the Latchlock part for Bednorz or Kipp?

What's the Latchlock part for Bednorz or Kipp?

There are several Bednorz or Kipp latch part numbers to which Latchlock has an alternative part.

They are fully interchangeable, with the difference that they are yellow zinc plated which translates to our clear zinc plated latches.

Here's the cross reference list of Bednorz latches:


Do you have the part V951L04-4X1BP available?

Do you have the part V951L04-4X1BP available?

Latchlock has the alternative part MLLAX36ROZ available.

It has the same mechanical and dimensional properties as the part V951L04-4X1BP

MLLAX36ROZ also has a shorter lead time than V951L04-4X1BP


V951L04-4X1BP is a stainless steel latch with a reverse hook.

You can find the technical drawing here:

V951L4-4X1BP - Secondary lock latch with reverse hook


Welke Trekgrendels heeft Latchlock beschikbaar?

Welke Trekgrendels heeft Latchlock beschikbaar?

Latchlock heeft verschillende trekgrendels beschikbaar.

De trekgrendels worden opgedeeld in het volgende:

Miniature Trekgrendels

Mini Trekgrendels

Light duty Concealed high strength Trekgrendels

Light duty Trekgrendels

Medium duty adjustable Trekgrendels

Medium duty adjustable High strength Trekgrendels

Heavy duty adjustable Trekgrendels

Heavy duty adjustable Low profile Trekgrendels

SLAM Trekgrendels


Hier kunt u het overzicht zien van de verschillende soorten Trekgrendels:



Voor meer informatie in verband met trekgrendels, kunt u ons hier contacteren!

Is there an alternative for part 51L5-1-2AA?

Is there an alternative for part 51L5-1-2AA?

Yes, we have an alternative available for 51L5-1-2AA.

This is a latch that needs to be welded on.

Our latch of this series is MLLAWZ

The only difference between 51L5-1-2AA and MLLAWZ is the material the latches are made of.

51L5-1-2AA is made of Steel with cadmium, gold chromate plating with an aluminium base.

While our latch is made of steel with clear zinc plating.

What is Latch Lock – Quick Release Solution In Narrow Space?

The Latch Lock provides position function between panels or chassis.

With the internal spring design and adding bend and chamfer to the push-in place, the latch lock would slide into the perforation automatically.

Operators can not only save time but also utilize this concept in narrow spaces with flexibility.

In addition, this latch lock could be easily operated with one finger to lock and unlock, giving flexibility in limited spaces. (as below image)

After lifting the plastic part of latch lock 90 degrees, the locking positioning state can be released and the chassis can be moved freely.

Do you supply bend hook Camloc?


For the lock shown in the pic, we are looking for the locking hook also shown. Is this still in stock in your company or is it still being manufactured at all?
Thank you for your reponse !


It looks like that the latch could be MLLAHBX42S   or from  Hlla series because the draw hook is longer with a little different design but we can be only sure with dimensions, please share or verify with the product pages.


Do you have the part V951L50-5BP available?

Do you have the part V951L50-5BP available?

Latchlock can supply an alternative part to the old part number V951L50-5BP:


The alternative part is practically standard available at our location.

MSG51S has the same mechanical and dimensional properties as V951L50-5BP

Both are stainless steel and have installation rivet holes of 5.10mm

For more information on MSG51S (V951L50-5BP) please contact us.

What are the plating characteristics ASTM and material latchlock MLLAWZ?


I had a quick question about MLLAWZ.

For the job we are quoting, it requires the latch to be electrodeposited zinc plated per ASTM B633, type II, with supplementary chromate treatment, normal color, not bleached or clear, SC3, and I was wondering if the zinc plating on the latch met the spec.

I also wanted to see if the material used in MLLAWZ is the same as the material used in latch 51L1-1-2AC?


The part number you request was made in the past in the USA according to plating and material standards in the USA.

Do you have Miniature Latches smaller than V934L series?


We would like to ask if there is another item that has the similar functions as the V934L but with a smaller size?


We have the SAV series and the EC series with more miniature latches.

Please find below the links for smaller latches with specs.

They are from another series, they do the work, but the forces and style are different.

miniature latchlock

SAV latches





EC latches

Do you have Aluminium latches?


Thank you for the support.

We are looking for Latches under 20-25 grams and can withstand 0.5 KN load.

Can you please share the details, if latches meeting the criteria are available with you.



We can help you with these Aluminium Latches

https://anemo.eu/latches/SAV26-H1AL                600N     weight = 28.6 gram

SAV26-1AL                                                        600N     weight = 28 gram                            (not featured on our website, this is without the extra security feature)

https://anemo.eu/latches/SAV6-1AL                     500N     weight = 8,5 gram

Do you have welding strikes Latchlock?


Do you have welding strikes?

I am searching for a welding strike for our project.

I wanted to know if customization is possible?


We have different strikes without holes for welding in our series.

Spot welding can be done. You can weld around the strike.

Here's a drawing of how you'll need to weld this strike

Customization will require a higher MOQ.

The strikes without holes for welding are: